A cobra swap is announced on binance

Hi Everyone

I just came across this twitter account with the name Cobra_Swap.

I was wondering if this is some other project or that is related to the cobra swap mentioned here? They even use the same color. According to the announcement on Twitter it is going to be launched on June 28th

Nothing to do with us

Thanks for the quick reply. Good to know.

Haha, the name has taken now.

That really sucks. Obviously some douchebag trying to lift on the name recognition. I don’t trust them for a minute.
Also found another rip-off with a slightly different name:
Also has nothing to do with our Cobra. Be careful people.

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Thanks for raising this, I saw both of those exchanges and thought I’d missed something. The only thing that confirmed for me that this couldn’t be the Cobra Swap I’m anticipating was the difference in the UI design compared to the testnet (https://testnet.cobra.exchange)

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You’re welcome. I was disappointed too. Now still disappointed but only about the name being taken.