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What will the Cobra Pools be?

I can’t find any information on the release date of the Cobra Governance. Is it a new Dex similar to ViperSwap?

it is the BSC of viper —

ALL SHOULD BE PUT UNDER ONE HUB… ideally integegrated — take example from harmony bridge.

make a Snake protocol and connect them PLZ

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Is Cobra a Viper wrapped coin at BSC ?
Or is it just a sibling pool?

Sibling - regional by chain used - but will combine/connect to a larger DAO governance coin that will be based off of viper - per Mr. Viper medium faq ----


When will this project be released I don’t want to miss out like I did on viperswap.

it will come when it comes. relax - enjoy the growth of the current harmony love

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Thanks. Your right. I needed that.