Better for taxes: daily unlocking of Locked-VIPER

I suggest to unlock the Locked-VIPER on a daily basis, not block by block.

This would be better to declare taxes.

Any other suggestions?

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You’re right that it would be easier for tax purposes, but I would hope that a new Harmony Explorer v2 would also help with that by the time this is an issue. People will probably prefer to get their rewards as quickly as possibly, not withheld a day just for the sake of tax prep.

We would still need software like Koinly to add ONE to their services first though wouldn’t we? Or would the harmony explorer be able to provide all the info in a file format?

I was considering just doing an average but I don’t know what kind of tools will be available by the time we actually have to do this.

I did write a few of the crypto tax products asking for support and all of them wrote back saying essentially “maybe”.

I’d say no to this right now because of level of effort and a real lack of clarity on whether or not this would actually help.

if you use Yield Farming Info it shows you how much you will make per day

I think if we group up for a mass influx asking for defi/dex support we may just get it.