Bring drone racing community to crypto, ONE and VIPER

I have an idea to propose.
There is quite a nerdy community in drone racing which I bet would grasp crypto ideas quickly. People during covid lockdown participated quite heavily in virtual racing events on simulators such as velocidrone, it’s a very competitive field which is growing. The idea is to organize racing events for that community and as a reward we could offer Viper tokens, NFT trophies on DaVinci platform, etc. Additionally we could livestream those events on twitch, youtube, etc. This would create people engagement, drone racing guys would be interested to learn crypto and crypto guys would be interested in drone racing which would bring everyone’s attention to ONE and VIPER. What is nice is this would potentially bring people in for a long term, it’s not like giving some big airdrop for a random crypto fella who just comes to an exchange to sell and leave.


Additionally we could potentially combo this with something like a Cobra launch. It’s a very flexible thing, share your own ideas!

As someone with zero knowledge of the drone racing community I would support this idea.

Logistics wise it may be a bit much for ViperSwap to organise real drone racing events, but if you’re talking about just doing virtual events it would be great.

It sounds like drone racers do it for the love of it rather than money, so even a small reward like 1k Viper could go a long way to creating engagement in that community

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Yeah, I’m talking about virtual races.

I like the idea of sponsoring events. We could even piggy back off other things like the next AMA harmony does on reddit or whatever Viper could sponsor and people win Viper for top questions. If its harmony related we can get in on the action. Create some NFT’s on DaVinci and send those off to people. Kinda like we are already doing with the #SNEKSxMARINES. Use the entire harmony ecosystem.

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I like this idea - breaking into a new market (drone racing) and tapping a whole new audience! I’m all for it! :+1:

The idea is great, my only issue is any person winning any contest and receiving the winnings in a medium they either dont use or dont want to use could be an issue. Unless we could sponsor them and give a FIAT reward why would they want crypto!? Does the drone racing space also connect with crypto usage? Or are we throwing darts at a board. Are we trying to just get the name Harmony in their head or are we trying to get them to invest in Viper !? Maybe the best thing is to have a reddit or pick your media source but have a challenge or contest and the winner gets to be sponsored by Viper by way of harmony and that way we know they are interested since they at least reached out to us first!