Changing Interface of Web

Since there are lots of pools now and you need to scroll down through the page, I recommend to establish easy interface which allow you to see the same details (such as rewards, APY, emission allocation etc.) in medium size boxes. For example every line may consist 2 or 3 medium size boxes. You may check pancake or goose finance.

I know boss 0xviper is quite busy and he/she needs new developers, but these kind of easy touches have really good impression for the new investors.

What do you think?

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I agree. Grid layout would be nice.

great idea

I like web design of the pantherswap site

Pantherswap’s design is just another copy of Pancakeswap, nothing special about it except the color theme. If there is going to be a new design, please don’t make it look like Pancakeswap. I am sick of seeing it everywhere.

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Yes you are right. I was just referring the boxes appearance in order to give an example. Otherwise, the Viper should be unique in terms of appearance as well.

you speak as if pancakeswap was not a successful recipe, I respect pancake … I just mentioned the example of layout with several link options, which we haven’t found in one place yet, like in

I think it would be great too, to have a pancakeswap-like UI.

I didn’t say anything about Pancakeswap’s success. Pancakeswap is one of the best AMMs out there. I just don’t enjoy seeing tons of projects using Pancakeswap’s UI with a few changes. That’s why I agree with @Turkey. Viper’s UI should be unique.

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I don’t think Viperswap should be different from Pancakeswap just for the sake of being different.
If there’s a better way of doing things, then by all means lets’s do things differently.
If not, then it only makes sense to copy something that already works for a lot of people.

“Never draw what you can copy, unless your can draw better”


I think the pools should be displayed in the shape of a snake and each pool should be egg shaped.

Having a button for “staked only” assets like others have would be nice. And knowing what I actually have/earned in the viperpit.