Community listing should be voted

All the community listening should be voted, to take action about our governance token.

Listing should show proper information about the tokens:

  • Purpose of the token. ( What is the token ?)
  • Application of the token. (What is the application for the token, in what application you will need to have to use the token)
  • Tokenomics.
  • Main medium page, chat or community page.
  • Any official information about the token will be publish under, under category Community token.

The votes should be open to be received by 15 days, if they provide the information.

Community token should be listed if they catch at least 20-25 % of votes of the current circulation supply for Cobra/Viper (considering viper/cobra are a governance token).

Do you know how many projects are available in Harmony ?
I’ll give you a hint, you can count them with your fingers, any community project that isn’t a blatant scam scheme should be listed, we don’t have the luxury to pick what suits everyone, the only thing these community projects get out of the platfom is exposure, as for information we’re just a pedestal where projects can use their megaphone and appeal to people, it’s not our job to categorize them and allocate ressources towards other projects, that’s what the pools are for, for the rest every user should do his own research before investing as in any type of investment, not just crypto.

The voting process and logistics are far from ideal considering the current state of harmony’s network, even more so when there’s only a handful of people willing to build in the chain.

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No, we should protect our exchange, we will not be listed any community coin just because someone of the community have a fairly idea and how things should work without any information. That will be make people to untruss in our exchange and we need to protect our reputation as Exchange. A process should be defined, fairly, open and with transparency.

i’ll try to put it in simple concise terms, we either get the community pools that are available or no pools at all, that’s the state of the harmony blockchain right now, projects are so scarce it’s either getting something out of it or getting nothing, now if the community wants nothing then so be it.