Competition watch - upcoming DEXes

To secure the future of VenomDAO we need to look further than “wen cobra”. What competitors are about to hit the CryptoSphere? What is their USP? What new features or protocols will attract a broader base of users?

For example let us take a look at Polkadex, launching Q2/2021.
The new DEX offers a combination of orderbook function and AMM. Therefore traders can either swap or make market trades. Thus avoiding slippage and minimizing risk of impermanent loss. This will become gold standard for DEXes. IMHO


Big brain move! Definitely should get small group together to research into newer DEXes with good standings and goals behind them!

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I Agree a DEX bridge to polkadot next. One to FLR when it comes out would be smart.

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This is brilliant and great vision as competition heats up! :+1:

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The order-book is what I’ve been thinking DeFI needs for a while now.
As this space matures, I believe the projects that can offer the same trading tools like limit orders ect found on CEX will have greater adoption as many traders will find the swaps only options very unprofessional & unacceptable in the future.

This is why I started researching Raydium Swap after learning they are offering the more conventional style of trading tools!
I believe the reason they can correctly pull this off is because of the amount of liquidity through combining pools to access one another across the whole of Serum’s ecosystem??
We are all banking on the long term success with the locked rewards schedule, so this is a great topic for keeping the finger on the pulse of competition, ensuring to not only just be around in the future, but dominant in the future.


Nice link for competition watch:

DeBank doesn’t cover DEXes on Harmony Mainnet yet.

worth mentioning Orion Protocol who have a working cross-chain DEX w/ orderbooks and so forth:

already have ETH & BSC networks, adding ADA + AVAX networks this quarter

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Look at Raydium – it is a Solana based Orderbook DEX.

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And my favorite of new DEX features: PancakeSwap - Prediction (Beta)

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