Emission Rates increase and rewards decrease

Hi there,
anyone noticed that the viper rewards proportionally decrease despite of the fact that the emission rates are increasing this month?
Has this maybe to do with the so many new pools launched?
Isn’t this worrying, for us, who think of themselves as long term investors?
Any thoughts?

i bet next week they will all withdraw

That’s the result of adding pools.

Even though emissions decrease, the new pools have had a massively positive effect on Viper price. So I consider them a big net positive. Investors just need to pay attention and reallocate accordingly. This is not a fire and forget business.

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts.
I have seen the positive impact on the price of Viper, but since I am planning to stay and invest till March 2023, I really don’t mind the price, but the rewards. Important is what the price of Viper would be 3-4 years from now.

At the end of the day, VenomDAO has a greater obligation to ensure a strong and steady token price than to guarantee a rewards stream. Rewards are an incentive for investors to provide liquidity to desired pools.

Adding desired pools and incentivizing them is the most responsible thing the Devs can do, vs attempting to hold rewards at a set level.

As investors, we just need to check in occasionally to make sure we are maximizing our rewards.

TBH, I think the Viper team has done an amazing job of rewarding/protecting early investors while growing the portfolio. Anyone who joined the pools at any time from launch until the end of next week has been more than adequately compensated.

I agree with you, that the team are doing a great job.
I agree with you that their responsibility is to keep the token strength.
I agree that new pools are good for the project especially when products as ADA, BNB etc are part of such pools.
But there was a proportional bigger decrease than expected.
But as proven, at least I suppose so, the problem was not the new pools but the harmony net, that’s why they gave us the extra 128 week.
By all means I am not ungrateful and I support and believe the project.

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I agree with what you say. Token price stability and steady fundamental growth should be number 1 priority. It works as a stock. How to achieve this? By adding fundamental value to ViperSwap. How to achieve this?

  • Adding pools
  • Partnerships with bigger blockhains (something woth Polygon would be huge)
  • More features to ViperSwap
  • Bigger community on social
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