Emission update - 128x extended with an additional week

Due to Harmony blocks averaging more than 2 seconds the original proposed & accepted emission schedule has been significantly delayed.

As a result of this LP:s/stakers have been receiving fewer rewards than originally anticipated when the schedule was proposed & accepted.

Snake month was supposed to end with a total supply of 317,722,240 VIPER - but due to Harmony blocks massively slowing down the month will end with a supply of 283 - 285 million VIPER.

To correct the schedule, 128x rewards will be extended with a full extra week. Based on our measurements we’ve seen that Harmony shard 0 blocks have been averaging a block speed of roughly 2.7 seconds.

At an average block speed of 2.7s this will result in the total supply reaching ~315-317 million VIPER roughly around July 26th instead of affecting the emission schedule to a greater extent.

If Harmony blocks would suddenly go back to 2 seconds and remain at 2 seconds we reserve the right to perform further alterations to the schedule to match the proposed & accepted schedule.

TLDR; Snake Month 128x emissions will be extended for a full extra week!


I wish we get one whole month on 128x in future, anytime…

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You guys are awesome. One of my favorite projects.

Wow that’s awesome! Thanks for all your work

This is great, another indication of the excellent effort. Keep on guys!!!

thank you this explains why rewards dropped.i thought it was because of the added pools