Feature Requests

How about we submit our feature requests here. Folks can vote by hitting the “like” button.

Keep it in a simple format. What is the issue? What is your proposed solution?


Proposed Solution


Previously I made a topic about a problem in the platform, and I even talked about bug bounty hahaha


Viper is easy to use.
However, many people haven’t read the blog or HOW TO, so I think it’s better to add a link.
And the risk display


Idk if you guys know what it is, but r/cryptocurrency has Community points known as moons(erc20 on rinkby testnet I think). Very difficult and expensive to move, the easiest way involved nano and that’s a no go right now because of their network issues).

Any chance we could get like a one or busd pairing for it?


It would be nice to add some statistics to the ViperPit: APY, your Viper stake, your xViper value or something. People like to see their profits. Seeing always the same static xViper balance may desmotivate people to keep their Viper staked.


I have 2 which would help onboard new people onto the platform:

When we go on the site, there’s no information or documentation explaining the pools or what/how ViperPit works or what the emission schedule looks like.
Proposed Solution
Instead of linking to only the Telegram, can we also create a page similar to this medium page I Just Blew My Own Mind Writing This Viperswap Tutorial | by Adam Prescott | This Crypto Life | Mar, 2021 | Medium that explains it all instead of going to Telegram to ask questions. Uniswap does this https://uniswap.org/docs/v2/advanced-topics/fees/

We need more clarity on LP withdrawal fees. Newbies are getting hit with 8% fees accidentally which will steer them away from the platform. When withdrawing my LP I want to know what penalty I will be hitting based on my most recent deposits. For example, say on Day 1 I deposit 1000 LP, then on Day 3 I deposit 500 LP. On Day 6 I withdraw 1200 LP. Does all 1200LP get penalized at 1% or 2%?
Proposed Solution
On the withdraw page show the user exactly how much penalty will be applied for withdrawing X amount of LP at that time


A VIPER chart, no exchanges are tracking, can it be done on the venomswap site somewhere?

Another feature though I would like to add, multi-chain swaps. with or without multiple connected wallets to swap from one chain to another in one place.


Could we add the VIPER - ONE price to the VIPER breakdown?
I think it’s a more accurate and less volatile metric due to the higher liquidity

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A source of information that is NOT on Telegram would also be useful.


Reference photo

A compound staking pit as shown in this photo.
Among them, “ONE”, “busd”, “1ROT”, “lockedviper”, etc., and addition is decided by voting.
Can you create a compound pit LP token and an x-viper farming pool?

The purpose is to increase the weight in the pool and suppress price fluctuations for large transactions.
Also, there are 95% of locked vipers, but there is no place to use them


Viper is easy to use for people who are tech savvy and understand things. It is not easy for the average user who is NOT tech savvy.

  • I like the hit like button part. But also a poll on features to be added.

I’m pretty sure this is part of what VENOM is going to accomplish.

First and foremost, incorporating the Harmony Bridge directly into the DEX like Swoop.Exchange would be my first request. Second, it would be beneficial to incorporate more analytics. Uniswap allows you to track quite a bit of information so incorporating more metrics for Liquidity Pools would be great.


Can we get a One-Link or Viper-Link Pool?


1BTC-Viper or other pool involving 1BTC. First off, there is 1T in value locked in BTC. Bridging some of that over to Harmony and Viper gives those long or short term BTC holders a chance to experience Defi AS IT SHOULD BE without selling their some or all of their coins. Secondly, your average crypto investor know BTC and little else. That’s what they are buying for the most part. When they want to get into Defi, and this to me is not a matter of if but when, the ability to put their new tokens to work on the fastest, cheapest chain would be tantalizing.

Borrowing/lending would be nice, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves this early. I will just say companies like Nexo and Blockfi are offering paltry interest rates compared to what Cefi is capable of - BUT I love Nexos tokenomics. “If you hold x number of our token you get better rates” is an interesting idea that to my knowledge traditional banks have not gotten to yet, but perhaps so. Increases the incentive to hold and stake.

I like how you can stake Cake and be rewarded in new tokens on Pancakeswap. Also encourages holding and staking.


I like the idea of BTC-VIPER trading pair but my guess is that the current 1WBTC in Viper is actually a wrapper around Ethereum-wrapped BTC rather than the real thing. When I look at http://bridge.harmony.one, I do not see BTC as a network, so my guess is ViperSwap is limited by Harmony’s Horizon Bridge for this support.

Good point. Perhaps 1WBTC can get even more liquidy in the pool in the future than even BTC if ETH gas goes down and people start to realize what they can do with their liquidity. Perhaps an opportunity to display what multiple and interoperable chains make possible. Buy WBTC or move your BTC to Ethereum and send it to Harmony to trade freely and quickly. if 1BTC is 1WBTC doesnt that mean swapping between ETH DEXs can be done over the Harmony-ETH bridge, e.g. swapping 1BTC to metamask wallet to use Uniswap on the Ethereum network? (And is your metamask wallet address the same if you are swapping between bridges?) If that is correct Metamask was a great choice although I’m sure other wallets are capable.

Harmony will connect BTC blockchain afaik. Therefore 1BTC, 1LTC etc. will be available soon

I would like to see statistics with all the rewards, including the locked ones. We can only see what we have in Viper Pit or staked, but we lose track of what is locked and there is no place on the UI where this can be checked. It seems like another feature request, but I feel it needs to be clear that locked VIPER should be somehow displayed in the UI. The rest of the statistics would be nice too. The more we see, the better it is.


I guess newcomers would appreciate an automatic Harmony network installation on MetaMask, like PancakeSwap is offering: