How to swap lp tokens back?

sry i haven´t find a tut… so i start a new topic.

i have claim and withdraw from pool busd viper, so i have venom lp token in metamask.
i need to deposit to oneviper pool, but i can´t swap lp tokens?

do you mean , BUSD-ONE LP token?

i f you don’t see anything here

push here

and add busd - one pool

and then
maybe you will can see remove button

VENOM-LP … sry, i think it was the pool busd viper

i see the pools, and i need to deposit to the one viper pool, but the venom lp tokens i have get from withdraw from the other pool busd viper… they not match this pool

sorry , i’m not good at english .
what do you want to do ?
change pool , right ?

You can’t change the pool unless you put it out once.
Please note that there is a penalty if you put it in and put it out immediately.

ok i have put out after a long time, not just one day…
i will change pool, yes…

how to change this claimed and withdrawed lp tokens to the other pool?

When getting out of the pool.
Must be taken out of the pool after withdrawing from farming.
It is a procedure twice

you better to check like that photo ↑
maybe hidden the withdraw from pool button


If this VENOM-LP has a balance, the withdrawal has not been completed or farming has not been completed.
You need to import the pool and withdraw.

i think you as same as this

thank you, i have imported the pool… so i can manage this… so i am able to remove liquidity… so i have now the basic tokens back usdt and viper…

thank you

now i can swap busd to one and add liquidity to one-viper pool

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welcome :slight_smile: