How will the Cobra Token be available to purchase?

Is a pool going to be created, with pre-minted tokens then its first come first serve? I was thinking…

To make it as fair as possible i would suggest posting the Cobra token on presale or something similar with like a 48 hour buy window. Min .1 BNB / Max 2 BNB per address. So everyone has a chance to buy. It also keeps the price consistent for initial investors. Not just the first person getting a swap for $.005 and the guy getting home from work is paying $1 per.

Just curious…


Can’t they just create multiple accounts or wallet to purchase Cobra at that value?

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People could of course.

My other option was to make it so people needed to have a number of ViperVote token in order to purchase presale. Like if you have 100 ViperVote then you can buy presale or something similar. I dont know if you want to make tiers for that 100 VV can buy up to 1 BNB, then 1000 VV can buy 10 BNB or something.

But then the rich get richer. lol So i dont know.

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Participate in the pre-sale by tagging friends on twitter and completing a number of tasks. In this way, we can reach many people.

The important point is that the coins in the pre-sale should be divided into 12 months and not given at once. The pre-sale should be attended by less than 300 people, 150 people from those who have viper tokens and 150 from those who do not.

For those participating in the pre-sale, the maximum purchase amount should be $1000. did a very good job in this regard. One of the first to launch the DAO ecosystem in the BSC network. By researching this and putting it on top, we need to create a project with a solid foundation.

But first, I think the number of twitter followers should reach 10 thousand people.

In addrion, before the project exits, applications must be made to be listed in coinmarketcap and coingecko. Appearing in the field of “Top Gainers” will enable the project to grow faster.

is this already defined or just your idea?

just ideas, we are brainstorming.

I strongly recommend it to be presale. It should be announced at least 1 week in advance to reach more people. For Presale, he should be asked to follow telegram, discord, twitter, as we do in competitions. participants should be chosen by lot. To announce the pre-sale, a few phenomena or youtube channels should be agreed with the advertisement, after all, we have a good product to announce it, we need to attract more audiences.

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I dont think this will work since it would force people to tie there social media identities to there 0x addresses.

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Thank you for the comments. It has always been a decision for Cobra to be launched in the same way as Viper. No pre-sales, as this can also be seen as unfair. The team would provide a countdown clock and notice before it is launched. Please subscribe to the Announcement Page on TG or Discord so you are aware of any announcements for the Dex.