I no longer see a need for Cobra

I no longer see a need for Cobra on BSC. I understand it was part of the original plan but I believe things have changed quite a bit since then. Harmony themselves have plugged Viper and now there is huge exposure from Sushi being on Harmony and listing Viper right off the bat. It seems like Sushi kind of did the hard work for us already because a ton of Sushi users will now be exposed to Viper and see the benefits of providing liquidity, staking and locked rewards that we provide.

While Sushi, IMO, has helped us out with exposure they are also going to be very hot competition for Viper once they add more features. It seems to be counterproductive to be shifting work to BSC which is already swamped with DEXes and not fully concentrating on Viper. Harmony is getting more and more buzz and we have first mover advantage. Just don’t want to see it slip because of time being devoted to Cobra.


I agree BSC is swarming with DEXes, and the latest additions like MochiSwap seem to fail.
What about launching CobraSwap on another high performance blockchain that offers an Ether-Bridge? Like Near, Algorand, Solana or Zilliqa.


Polygon (MATIC) would be another great option for a DEX. It is a layer 2 solution for ETH.


Those are much better decisions if Cobra still needs to be deployed. AVAX is another option


Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t the point of Cobra to maximize the exposure of Viper by launching a BSC swap? From what it sounds like, the incentive for farming cobra will be 1) link BSC and Harmony tokens via swap and 2) draw in a larger user base who missed the 256x viper rewards week.

I agree that it’s kind of introducing a service that isn’t necessarily needed, but let’s not forget that Viper is still very young, and Harmony needs a larger user base to expand organically.

  1. Its too early to say MochiSwap failed. Plus still people are farming on MOCHI. Model is not good though.
  2. The model Viper has is very good and if we use same model (95% locked and 5 % unlocked) this cannot fail.
  3. Developer is active all the time and building a community. So people commint to Cobra will also come to Viper and they will have Harmony chain exposure which is very less at the time.
  4. We need to make some noise for Viper. As Attracting BSC users is one the best one.

I agree

From business perspective it is necessary to expand to different chains.
it brings new users and shows integrity of a dapp.


The situation and environment are constantly changing.
need for discussion about cobra after the viper became to harmony’s main defi .
no need upset now

Also, I think that development in chains other than BSC can only be done within the range where harmony bridge works.
Most importantly, we better not too much focus to infront profit .
Maintaining your vision is important.

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This all day.

there never was gonna be a cobra - so no need to worry.

Cobra died before it was born. So now we can wake up from the cobra dream.

Problem with mochiswap on BSC is the gas fees. I would imagine the same problem would exist for Cobra.

Fantom is a good platform and it’s still relatively small and unknown.
I would certainly consider launching a DEX over there.
It’s EVM compatible like Harmony, faster and it has some important bridges (Ethereum, BSC and UTXO -Bitcoin and similar coins-) and partnerships too (like Curve or Ren).
And their chain explorer is good, not like the one at Harmony.