Idea: Play Snake the videogame as a way to earn small amounts of Viper

Idea: Play Snake the videogame as a way to earn small amounts of Viper.

Credit: a similar idea was first proposed here: Game Idea for VIPER, but I suggest it as a way to earn small amounts of Viper rather than spend it.


  • It gives the average person an easy / fun way to get into Crypto: earn some viper by playing Snake and then swap it out for some One, Link, 1Matic etc etc…
  • ViperSwap needs a gimmick that sets it apart from the other swap sites.
  • It would be a very marketable gimmick that would be immediately familiar to everyone. (I could imagine a news program doing a feature on “the growing world of crypto” showing this as a light hearted example)
  • Ultimately the goal would be to bring in new people, to grow the community / site.
  • Snakes are on-brand.


  • Random Viper tokens appear after you reach level 5 in the game and you eat them up with your snek.
  • Hit “Claim” and the tokens hit your wallet, just like staking.
  • The probability of a Viper token appearing could increase as you go up each 5 levels.
  • The overall emission rate of Viper tokens to the game could be fixed, and the probability of Viper tokens appearing would decrease as more people are playing the game.

Other thoughts

  • The game would need to be bot-proof
  • The Viper emission rate to the game would need to be low, so as not to dis-incentivise the usual staking and ViperPit rewards, but also high enough to make the game worthwhile to play.
  • It may want to be something that is only brought out occasionally for promotional events. That way you could have a fixed amount of Viper awardable which slowly runs out as people play.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

I don’t see the added value to the DEX, but could be an idea, feel free to add this also on Discord to the suggestions channel