Ideas For VenomDAO Exposure

Alright, guys. Let me hear some ideas that can bring more exposure on ViperSwap around after achieving our graph integration! A small idea can go a long way, and we can build off of it to make something. What do other swaps have that makes them so popular that we do not as of right now? Answers are not limited to LP Pools. No wrong answers.


You should continue making bridges with the next one after CobraSwap being another snake name like MoombaSwap. MoombaSwap would be for Polkadot patriot chain. For viper add a doge pair; just saying it is what is selling.

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i also agree with the bridging, the more accessible we make viper dao the more people will naturally come. a direct bridge to MATIC would definitely help onboard matic users especially since they cant withdrawl directly to binance or bridge away from ethereum, they HAVE to interact with it to move around. this will also indirectly help people who wanna bridge to bsc from there by using harmony as a stepping stone, among alot of other developing chains like AvaX.

the easier we make it to transverse and avoid the ethereum bridge overall the more well be able to crowd source

Also, and i know this one is gonna be hard to accept due to how tedious and financially unrewarding it can be, but weekly youtube sessions or maybe a podcast to talk about viper and harmony as a whole, its just one of those niche tactics that provide awareness and transparency to harmony which in turn brings it right into viper


idea #2

once we port over the graph i think we should also do some UI updates like analytics or a direct link into charting tools. ease of access has always been a good bet for the score count. maybe a way to view all your pool analytics, like what was the IL you were exposed to. this would help people better calculate their entries and prevent the unprepared for selling or otherwise breaking their pairs at a loss. overall i think were doing great with the UI but updates are never harmful. for a better idea of what i am suggesting please check out its an analytics tracker on bsc but if we can make this here, im sure it will be beneficial. open to all opinions and discussions guys lets make viper THE dao


Add doge/viper pool

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Viper/Atari (ATRI)

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DOGE is a BtC fork. There needs to be a bridge before a LP can be added.

I really enjoy staking on PancakeSwap because of the little bonus games they have. For example, I can use cake rewards to enter a lottery or buy NFT collectibles.

I think having things like that is a big draw to their exchange.


There could be a tab in the ViperSwap user inferface called “bridge” where people could bridge tokens across different networks. I don’t know if anyone needs this, but just an idea to make everything accessible in 1 place.

I think something that works really well in this space is referral programs. I do not have specific numbers in mind, I think those would need to be voted on, but if we could get a small fraction of trading fees out of the people we refer, it would incentivize rapid growth.

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I dont think this is possible in DEX

I don’t think referrals is the way to go, referrals are always the main way to make money in pyramid schemes, that’s the last thing we want to look like especially with all this safe moon/GSX/give bogus scams. We already had that booger on reddit think it was when he had zero clue what a DEX is.

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1inch has a referral, to my understanding. I know we don’t have accounts, but I don’t see why you can’t say a wallet referred you

If referral=pyramid scheme, then almost every CEX has some explaining to do! I do understand the issue with connotation though, perhaps it would be more helpful when it’s a more established DEX. Regardless, I also don’t think it’s our problem when people think DEXes are pyramid schemes, I think if they’re that stupid they’re not our target audience anyway.

But also if you think about it, people who provide liquidity and stake are already skimming off of trading fees. I don’t think it’s a huge jump to offer a small individual cut.

Mobox or MBOX has an nft system that increases has rate. That is a good way to increase profit due to capital lockup due to NFT’s being purchased and incentives to buy them because they increase mining. The NFTs would be snake pets or NFTs that model after other projects. You buy and stake unique NFTs that earn interest that is based on rarity. You buy the chest with viper only and the nft is random. That makes it a hit or miss and if the bonus can be stacked it keeps people buying. Also allow the NFTs of certain types to by combined through a burning process that gives the a more rare nft that increase mining rate.

I love the idea of VENOM DAO nft series. Its a concept that is bubbling around and I figure by next year is going to be the secondary thing people think about when you say crypto, first being what is a bitcoin and second what is an NFT. If you dont have either or both of those two your missing out, as of tomorrow we will have eth wrapped BTC so already those limitations are falling. NFT could be our next big endeavor not to cut into Davinici’s space but hey we grow-they grow too

My apologies if these are obvious or have already been suggested.

  1. Actively seeking as many swaps as possible. People being able to swap anything with super low fees, and fast transaction time. It should be something traders and cryptocurrency ‘users’ seek. Using Harmony Bridges and swapping anything. A strong theme for influencing that, is emphasis on full operations security and secure transactions, and maintaining the integrity of that. I also understand gas fees are needed to make the bridge, and that can be an obstacle. How does that get removed or mitigated?

  2. Arbitrated Private Swaps; Two people, whom are doing business, want to trade each other X coin for Y coin both of say the same USD value. For example 100 USD of ONE for 100 USD of DSLA. Let the people do business! It could probably be done trustless somehow, by generating internal wallet addresses to share when connecting wallets, perhaps that even means each person connecting multiple wallets if necessary to make the trade.



We need a bridge for viperswap that allows you to move your busd and bnb in your meta mask to Binance Smart Chain. Just a functional bridge in general.

To my knowledge, VET most outstanding rewarding system is the VeChainThor wallet. I think it would perform 10x better being farmed with Viper or One at the least due to the number of people who are invested in both. This is proven in Reddit, all across Twitter, and many discords/tg servers. VeChain is viewed as a good long-term $1 target coin by EOY, which is relatively close to ONE, so they most likely will bring in tons of liquidity and move well with one another. Thoughts?

That’s technically what MochiSwap is trying to accomplish. Becoming the next Pancake for Harmony.