IKURA / ONE pool

What are the thoughts on creating an IKURA / ONE pool or a IKURA / VIPER pool on Viper.Exchange? IKURA are looking to a cross chain charting tool and aggregator for alt coins. Namely:

  1. Harmony

  2. Solana

  3. Cardano

Medium: Ikura Token – Medium

The first product of the Ikura ecosystem is our unified charting solution for the Harmony blockchain. The beta can be accessed here https://beta.ikura.one/


I’m up for this. Ikura provides the much needed charting solution for Harmony to prosper.


This is an amazing concept, and something the Harmony network needs to provide to it’s holders. Very impressive!


Great project. Would certainly farm this

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Charting across the harmony chain would be a great thing for all projects on Harmony! Adding liquidity for Ikura on Viper would be great for both projects!

Been following the project for some time. Solid Team.

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