LINK pool + meme competition?

We’ve been discussing adding a LINK pool for quite some time and this coming Friday feels like a pretty decent time to launch a LINK/VIPER pool.

LINK is a massively meme-driven community, so it got me thinking - what if we launch the pool together with a meme competition featuring LINK and VIPER?

We could call it “SNEKS x MARINES” or something, let it run for 1-2 weeks and allocate, let’s say, ~$5-10k as a prize pool from the community treasury?

We’d also need to come up with how to structure the actual meme competition as well, e.g:

  • What’s an ideal prize pool? $5k? $10k?
  • How would winners get selected?
  • How will the prize pool be divided among winners? How many prizes will there be?
  • Runs away and fires paint pro *

Regarding the selection I think we can use telegram poll, no?

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Each submission is a piece of marketing for VenomDAO in itself. Hoping for some sort of structure where we get as many high quality memes as possible with a lot of diverse participation.

Maybe we can do one winner per day leading up to the LINK/VIPER pool launching?

Telegram poll? You savage

3 winners


Winners selected by mail in ballot or you could do an online poll that people on YT use. Strawpoll or something? Then a link can be sent out to everyone

More winners smaller prize. If their are to few winner people will be discouraged from participating.

I would say 5k is suffice as a prize. Winners might be selected on a survey from official Viper twitter account so that the survey may be shared easily through LINK Community as well.

1st winner :2000
2nd winnner: 1750
3th winner : 1250

In order to achieve the goal of this prize, the memes need to be seen or heard by LINK community. I am not sure how this is gonna be unless LINK shares these memes from their official accounts.



Strawpoll as the voting system is good i think.
5k prize pool also should be fine. Lets keep the rest of the money for more important/usefull use cases for the project i’d say.


I like any idea that causes the $ VIPER to be disseminated on social networks and I approve any advertising expenses, as long as it is done well. We urgently need to attract new investors … marketing is essential!

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. I think 5k prize pool

. The winners could be selected by the most likes in a Twitter post created in the viper account , the participants post their meme in the post comments ( the twitter accounts can not be new accounts or accounts without movement)

. Should be at least 10 winners


Awesome idea!! Great free marketing opportunity and a fun way for the community to engage with one another. I’m always down to make memes. 5k prize pool would probably suffice.

Reddit and twitter upvotes?

Twitter likes or it can be in reddit too

5 people can get 1000 dollars and 10 people get 500 dollars.


sounds like a fair spread

Asked to add this to the discussion:

Could potentially use a davinci gallery as a way to display all the memes selected for the competition. Set a nominally high limit on each; with a cost of 1 One per nft.

This could either be funds used to add to the prize pool or given to the artist directly.
people who vote also get to keep their favorite meme as an nft and promote the use of another platform on harmony.

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Interesting idea! Unfortunately there’s no system in place to prevent anyone from “voting” several times. You could just buy 1000 votes and still be profitable with a top prize.

Meme competitions are often gamed, I’ve seen a bunch of low quality submission upvoted by bots & friends. At the end it’s a popularity contest.
I feel like we need some curation to pick out the better ones.

Maybe there’s a community voting & a 0xViper-favourites special selection :smiley:

true, unfortunately there isn’t a mechanism in place to really prevent vote harvesting on twitter either. Best of luck to those who want to put in the work!

Great idea. 5K$ would suffice I think. This can be used to get more exposure in social media.

Can’t wait for the link pool.

Prize pool
Ok, so seems most people are in favor of a $5k prize pool - but what about the allocations?

I kinda liked @Gogo1905’s idea of 3-5 top prizes & 10 prizes for a lesser amount.

So e.g. $2,500 allocated to the top 3-5 prizes and then the remaining $2,500 allocated to ~10 participants?

1 or 2 weeks?


There have been some discussions on Telegram about how to go about the voting.

One possible way would be to use DaVinci and list each meme submission as an NFT priced at 1 ONE and with a super high total available quantity.

Then each purchase would count as a vote.

This is definitely gameable - but can be circumvented by using scripts that’ll only allow one purchase/vote per wallet. But that wouldn’t stop someone from just making new accounts and repeating the process. This could be mitigated by setting a 1 week limit on accounts and completely disregarding votes from accounts newer than 1 week.

The issue with using DaVinci for voting is that it would result in artists dumping a ton of NFT art for 1 ONE on DaVinci’s platform. It would also mean that artists would sell their art work for 1 ONE when it potentially could’ve been worth a ton more. So it kinda sounded like a decent idea initially, but the more I think about it (and in line with discussion on Telegram) it doesn’t seem to be a good idea anymore.

There have been discussions on Telegram to:

  • Use DaVinci as the listings platform for each meme submission (each meme submission would be an NFT and each respective artist can set whatever price they want. They’re free to sell their meme as an NFT during or after the competition if they want to).
  • Use e.g. something like Strawpoll with both ip tracking and captchas enabled to filter out bot votes etc.

I think irregardless of whatever way we end up structuring the competition people will probably find a way to game it. So even if we have voting, we should probably also perform some kind of manual filtering to filter out obvious gamed submissions.