Links to resources for the newcomer

I would like to see a consolidation of sources from the governance site that describes the project, goals, milestones, developer team etc. This should include be included in the sub sites to aid the new investor to have all the required information to make an informed decision to invest in the project.

As a doer, I can appreciate the need and desire to provide more technology to access. As a manager, I think it is equally important to build confidence with the customer and investors by providing easy access to critical information such as project goals, key milestones, developer team bios, key partnerships, and current list of milestones already met and whether it was ahead, on, or late delivery of the previously set milestones.

This is how you attract more new investors and provide a more legitimate presence for the long term.

I appreciate and love the project and Iā€™m trying to help this project grow to the level of the more established and trusted DEX out there.

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Thank you for this suggestion. We will certainly take a look at it.

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