Long Term Future of VIPER and VenomDAO?

In March 2024 when all VIPER tokens have been distributed, Liquidity pools will no longer be able to receive rewards from new block as they have all been payed out.

Will there be a new incentive for pooling that is more than the 0.2% transaction fee?
Will something be done to ensure VenomDAO Cross Chain Defi remains competitive?

Thank you


From my understanding there will be much much more people at that point greatly increasing trading value which should be incentive enough for liquidity providers. Ultimately though we won’t know until we get there.


i think every time we launch a new dex on all the chains we decide on they will come loaded with incentives every time. With every new launch there would be a connection to the previous all tracing back to Viper. So while perhaps there wont be an incentive in terms of viper there will be incentives in Venom umbrella drawing attention and traffic to that .2% tx fee . Thats the way I loosely understand and project it to work. First cobra then + + + .

Long term growth is a key to Viperswap’s future. While this matters, Viperswap is only step 1 in promoting VenomDAO. Please see the roadmap which details future initiatives to be implemented by the Dev.