Modifying Cobra's lockup schedule to 97% locked / 3% unlocked?

Anything that keeps cobra exactly like viper is okay in my book. Obviously well see more pairings as time goes on and hopefully different pairings on each dex

I’d say let it stay 95%/5% to avoid confusion

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95/5 seems to be working just fine for VIPER, I’d say leave it as is. I don’t think you’re gonna have trouble building liquidity on COBRA, especially since part of what’s holding back VIPER is people having troubles getting cash into harmony right now.

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This x 1000000000 I was trying to think of ways to disincentivize dumping earlier, but the best option is this proposal, avoid the swap pairs that are prone to dumping. Dishes Done



Can we think to unlock 25% for every Quarter of year instead of 95/5 lock up?
1st quarter %100 locked, than release %25 every quarter until %100. :wink:

But i think it should be person based lock-release system. I mean, if someone starts to pool mining, release dates should be set up from his beginning time; even if the lock up system 95/5…

It is actually released slowly every 2 seconds

We have tested the model on VIPER and its a success. Do not change it.


Never change a winning system 95/5 works well, so don’t change it.


A doubt: I saw that to remove Viper from ViperPit there is no charge. And when you deposit, do you pay any fees?

95% -5% across the board.

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I suspect that when you release Cobra to BSC , that binance will push the news of it and it will have a much larger Day 0 adoption. To expect it to run the same course as Viper did in its early stages is hard to imagine. Keeping it the same schedule helps mitigate drastically different results. At best we get cobra looking like viper with this schedule at worst who knows, but certainly if we change the schedule we dont know the best or the worst and its likely to be an extreme of either with the scaled stress on BSC.

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I agree with the 95.5 lockup and 4.5 unlock.

When will Cobra come out


Does anyone know of an ETA for cobra?

Cons: 97/3 will receive enormous FUD and rejection by BSC farmers.

@0xViper Has it been your own decision to silently launch Cobra? As I see there are no discussions with the community. This doesn’t look right from the DAO perspective.

Most talk has been on discord and tg, better off going there