New Community Managers - v2

Today we’re adding 4 new CM:s to help out with managing the land of the sneks.

These fellow gents are most likely strangers to no one:

  • Aerias
  • Coinbase 15 mins
  • Loris
  • Zil B

Please sers, give a round of applause for these fellow degens!



Wonderful additions to the team!

woop wooop !

good to kno these fellas will be around !

Zil B was creating graphics about the daily farm earnlngs, am I right?
And sharing on Reddit.

Yes. Very valuable community member.
dahCryp also makes a lot of the graphics/charts you’ve probably seen, not to confuse the two.

Good to see CMs putting in the good work, managing the good stuff, keeping it humorous, and respecting the project on the whole. :snake:

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:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Congrats!!! Aerias already help me a lot!

The snek pit gets bigger! Congrats Sir Sneks!

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Congrats to all newly elected CMs

Great :ok_hand:

These four know how to shake snek. CZ and Stephen Tse approved.


Congratulations and thank you.

Great additions. Well done gents.

Congratulations :clap: :clap: :clap:

Thank you sers, appreciate the kind words!

Brother, we have more community managers than there is users what gives?

Yes Congrats to those that deserve it!