On Price Concerns

Hi there,

Here is my suggestion in order to overcome constant price declines of viper and cobra. Conversation below took place on TG Venom Dao Trading channel, during a price chat today:


Team, I just need your thoughts - and please don’t get me wrong, I fully trust the project and am invested since day one :slight_smile:

I invested at 3,2$ and price-wise am 1/12 overall… Of course the rewards are amazing and make this up, but what are your thoughts what a healthy price can be?

As of now, the price is in a constant downward spiral - shouldn’t the price go up with each halving since it makes it less inflationary?


For the last point, even during or after halving periods price can fall. We assume the demand is constant so when supply falls, price increases. But if demand falls, and if this decrease is proportionally greater than the decrease in supply, then price falls.

Hence in order to keep the price above or at a certain point, incentives for investors are required, thereby keeping the demand above a certain level.

The problem is people are just getting out since multiplier falls regularly. Of course no one can be blamed but maybe if a voting can be done, I suggest a sharp decline in multiplier like 256-8 instead of a gradual decline like 256-128-64-32-16 for upcoming periods. The reason is the fall in price is spread over many weeks and this can be more devastating than a shard decline in just one week.

If the decline is overwhelming, bots of dev can accumulate tokens and then sell gradually when the fall ceases to exist.

I’ve just copy & pasted the talk. I hope it would be assessed by the team. Let me know if you have an alternative way of thinking on this matter.


By the way, this would enhance price volatility. The decline would be much more sharper than usual, thus bots should be much more active and alleviate the decline, and then sell incrementally, spread over time. In addition, by the elimination of the weeks of gradually decreasing multiplier, dev can organize some additional periods like 8-8-8-64-8-8-8 or 4-4-4-32-4-4-4.

Second suggestion, which I’ve written on TG before:

Due to unlocking process for viper in december and for cobra in february, enhanced multiplier would only be helpful for a limited time. I think some additional precautions may be needed as well:

  • Introduction of launchpads for both (I guess viperpad will have been live before 25th of December and I hope a launchpad project for Cobra as well).

  • Introduction of burn mechanisms for both tokens.

  • Listing on a CEX for both tokens.

P.S. I don’t use discord but if you do, feel free to share this post there.


Hi Phoenix, despite the fud (like the message above) we will keep developing both Cobra and Viper. We introduced already different features and more will come in the future, possibily for example a launchpad as you said, these features will give more use cases to our tokens. Our project is long term, that’s why we have most of the rewards locked, so worrying about the price now is understandable but useless, as even way bigger DEXes compared to us started as well with a rise in token value followed by a decrease. The key in DeFi is, in my opinion, developing and having patience


Thank Loris for your response. As an investor, I just wanted to demonstrate an input for both projects, only in the form of suggestions, though. I also have a long term vision and high hopes for both.

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