Pool reallocation: Archive 1ROT-VIPER & 1MAGGOT-VIPER pools

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The 1ROT-VIPER & 1MAGGOT-VIPER pools were launched ages ago in cooperation with RottenSwap. It was ViperSwap’s first partnership with an external project and it was a lot of fun.

The combined TVL for these pools have since then massively declined and is now only a measly ~$53k.

The pool allocations for these pools could be used for new pools - and that’s what we’ll be voting for in this proposal.

YES - archive the pools: pools will be archived. Existing stakers can withdraw but no new rewards will be allocated.

NO - keep the pools: pools will remain as they are.

We’ve just updated our governance section in our documentation: Governance - VenomDAO

It details the usage of our new ViperVote token and our rules for minimum votes and quorum requirements.

For a voting alternative to win the vote it has to:

  • Reach >55% approval
  • Reach >33% of eligible votes voting to establish the quorum.

For this specific vote:
The current supply of ViperVote is: 98,817,142 ViperVote
Required votes (>55%): 54,349,428 ViperVote
Required quorum (>33%): 32,609,657 ViperVote

Voting will start June 5th, ~10AM UTC and end on June 7th, ~10AM UTC.

Voting snapshot of ViperVote balances will happen at block height 13915957 (roughly ~2 hours before voting starts).

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