Pool reallocation: Archive the 1WISE-VIPER pool


The 1WISE-VIPER pool was launched a long time ago in cooperation with Wise. It was one of ViperSwap’s first partnerships with an external project. The pool was beneficial to ViperSwap at the time of its launch, but we kinda feel the pool has served its purpose.

We want to archive the pool in order to use the current 1.69% allocation for a new set of pools.

The 1.69% allocation will be temporarily reallocated to ONE-xVIPER until new pools have been launched.

YES - archive the pool: the 1WISE-VIPER pool will be archived. Existing stakers can withdraw from the pool but no new rewards will be allocated.

NO - keep the pool: the 1WISE-VIPER pool will remain incentivized.

For more information about our governance system, please visit Governance - VenomDAO

For this proposal to get accepted it has to:

  • Reach >55% approval
  • Reach >=10,000,000 of eligible ViperVotes voting to establish the quorum.

The ViperVote voting power snapshot will happen roughly 15 minutes before voting starts.

Voting starts 9PM UTC, June 30th and ends 9PM UTC, July 2nd.