Refund the 0,75% fee's

Hi DEV Team,
I am really happy about the removing the 0.75% pool deposit fee. I believe there will be more & more new stakers.
Just wanna know if you have any plan to refund it to the existing stakers too.
And want to know what do existing stakers like me think about that idea???

I am against it (I payed deposit fee by myself). Because refunding would decrease the venomdao treasury which would lead to less operational funds for dev.


Not an idea I’d support. Happy now the fee has been removed and as dom said, this would be detrimental to the long term goals of the project


It is all about are we all equal, or not?
If we are not equal why does the whales invest?
Who can guarantee there won’t be any other fee’s in the future for new stakers.
In my point of view DEV must show the big investors their own point of view in some way.
Maybe not cash refund but adding VIPER to locked or any other solution.
If DEV don’t take any action about that, I believe that these will be a nagative reputation for the project.
That’s all I can say.

That sounds like an incredible amount of work for something that we all agreed to when we signed up and deposited money. Let the team focus on growing the product and consider your prior deposit fee as an investment.

I’d vote a resounding no.


Refunding the fee makes no sense, none for old investors or new ones alike.
Look it at this way, those fees were in place TOGETHER with other elements in the contract when you subscribed, and i guess in those time you were getting a way higher APR, so, do you want those fees back and account for those APR adjustment too (as it would be in your narratvie of “are we all equal or not”? …and one last thing without me sounding a prick, no, we are not equal and we will never be as long as we stay humans :wink:


No, it doesn’t make sense to refund old fees that were paid and known by users.

Everyone had to pay the fees before. Now, everybody will have 0% deposit fees. It’s already equal. We all knew what we signed up for.


You already agreed to pay it and should have been aware of it. Why refund it? Devs bust their ass, it’s a small price to pay

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I’d vote no.

No. You already made back your deposit fee with the increased rewards. Any new user will not have enjoyed the increased rewards.

the fees were what they were, i would never expect a refund after i used something for 8 weeks, and yes we did use this for 8 weeks incurring the fees captured. By removing the fees were going to attract more TVL and with that will grow the brand and the price so this is a very positive move for the whales, the minnows and anyone invested and paying fees. If we were to reimburse the fees we would also need to reimburse the accrued fee $ and likely take away more than you would have paid to begin with so be careful what you wish for. Its great that our first vote has some mixed feelings it helps build the value of the voting! excited for this project to grow!

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My vote is for “no” as well. There are benefits and drawbacks to being an early adopter, if you’re not ready for the drawbacks, you don’t deserve the benefits either. Apple doesn’t reimburse first-generation iPhone customers when 2nd generation comes out, why should ViperSwap?