Rottenswap Pool Launch - seeking feedback from Viper community

VenomDAO community & Viper holders,

Congratulations on being pioneers of the Harmony ecosystem. VenomDAO’s handling of everything from Governance to coding to community engagement has been consistent and professional, and reminds me of the early days of BAO. Props to 0xViper and the team for their hard work. They are serious, experienced and forward thinking, we believe VenomDAO will go the distance.

I am CryptoHydrate, admin for ROTTENSWAP DOT ORG

On March 10th, we announced that we were in testing to migrate some ROTTENSWAP functions to Harmony, and would start with pools on Viper.

Since then, our community has joined the growing Harmony and VenomDao ecosystem. We completed testing of Ethereum to Harmony bridge functions including deposits and withdraws. We also tested multiple swaps on VenomDao and had users add and remove liquidity.

We’ve partnered with Ganesha from the Harmony Bridge team to redeploy the contracts with our 2.5% deflation per transaction feature. This will allow ROT transactions to burn 2.5% ROT per transaction and replace it with MAGGOT, which will be minted as HRC20. Note: This process does not mint any new ROT on Harmony, the only ROT that can be added is ported over from Ethereum.

Once everything is in place, we have a few things planned:

  • Official announcement from Rottenswap
  • 4chan banner ads
  • Contests including Rotten/Viper related art, and ROT and VIPER giveaways to random liquidity provider addresses on Harmony
  • Seeding of ROT / VIPER and ROT / MAGGOT pool on Harmony

Our proposal to your community

  • The ViperDAO team floated the possibility of a ROT / VIPER pool that would earn VIPER.
  • I am proposing a 6.66x ROT / VIPER emission schedule for 1 week, reducing to 3.33x for a week, 1.11x for a week and ending up at 0.666x


  1. In an increase in TVL on
  2. Influx from a new community of users
  3. Increased utility of Harmony and VenomDAO overall
  4. Increased NFT activity on Harmony including snake themed art which can be used for VenomDAO promotional posts - Rottenswap has a large community of sponsored artists

Please let me know what your thoughts are as our plans come together! Open to your feedback to improve these plans and make the integration successful.



Awesome! Rottenswap is so underrated, one of the few trusted DeFi projects with no pre-mine, no ICO, and NO Dev funds whatsoever. ROT is time tested being around much longer than many other projects popping up every week.

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Awesome to see that we’re finally coming close to getting this live on Viper.

ROTTEN was personally for me a hilarious farming experience, really loved it.

We don’t use multipliers anymore but switched to percentages after some discussions in the community, here’s how we could structure the pools:

  • ONE/BUSD - 2.63%
  • ONE/VIPER - 77.45%
  • ONE/1ETH - 5.27%
  • VIPER/BUSD - 6.82%
  • BUSD/bscBUSD - 0.54%
  • 1ROT/VIPER - 6.66%
  • 1MAGGOT/VIPER - 0.62%
    = 100.00%

(Wanted to get 1MAGGOT to 0.66% as well, but would have had to change a bunch of alloc points - guess the main thing is the 6.66% for 1ROT)


Sounds great guys. Looking forward to this collab!

Can’t wait. Will def join the pool.

I remember this wacky hilarious project, the wtf was strong on this one when i found it 2 days ago, Happy to see you on board with us.

First we spray them with venom, then we let them rot.

Can’t wait!!!

Yes, please!

Sounds great!

NFT is the talk of the town nowadays. I think it will be a nice move to have NFT activity with ROT and Viper ( Snake ) concepts. However many do not know ( including myself) how to create NFT. Hope someone can provide video tutorials on this. Eagerly waiting for the ROT/Viper pool as it will be a boost to Viper exchange credibility.

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Yes please >_<

I like this collaboration, I can’t wait to participate.


This is a great opportunity and I’m looking forward to diving into the Rot pool.

Hopefully we can welcome you guys soon ! :slight_smile:

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So noob question…i creat 1rot/viper pair and stake… i click on manage pool and cant see any clear indication of rewards taken…am i missing something?

Did you deposit the lp tokens to the pool? If you just deposited rot/one you should see an LP balance that’s ready to deposit from the “staking/manage page”