Sage Thoughts For Future Growth/Direction

Viperswap - Venom/DAO — Cobra and Beyond - Sage’s Guide To The Forever Money Dance Protocol - Discussion Thread.

1 - gotta say i’ve been a bit “out of it” from the venomdao org. Involvement perspective - but not on the investing side of it :wink: — kakaka-killing it - gracias for the venom love. Snek-Stats - my dark crystal is strong— in case you missed my tweet - $36kwen - call the pull back whatever one wants — wyckoff-bla - obvious.

— so i come out of the woodwork with the evidence of prophetic futurism and with the use of my retooled quantum entangled biological infinite-causality filtration reprocessor; i come to propose and assist in the effort that is the Snek-Stake-Stack-Money-Pit-We-All-Kill-It Money Dance of Crypto-Spiritual-Wealth via million xxxxxxxx% gains.

The below are recs for what should be done. Written quickly and in a nut-shell mode.

This was why I originally met with the higher-ups management team - got totally sidetracked because of my Einsteinian autism-syndrome :wink: — but - the fundamental point was beyond dev. - I can make a lot all of the non-hardcore-technical specific things happen. (I get on the “comm” and I will get what is needed done…. Since we have an anon. 0x - which i respect - it is important to have those who move the gears and/or at least propose some ideas::::

General - non-specific, and relatively quickly written thoughts on what should transpire:::

Let’s get the hype going with Cobra. - At the same time introduce the next chain after cobra – iterate that these are on the path to the multi-cross chain fully linked platform.

How to win this and kill the rest:
Introduce pools - now related to the BSC for cobra - and start issuing cobra on those - using viper - time lock them 100% until Cobra - then release 5% over a shorter time - with bonuses for redeposits (will pump price of viper higher) – change emission rate for cobra (or reduce time) — do this 2-3 weeks before launch of cobra. I am sure there is a way of balancing this without greatly impacting overall emissions since it can be allocated from other sources. Key is to boost the price up. Roadmap laying out polychain AMM centralized dex platform would be a good goal.
Than start doing the same thing for next chains — if you can step it up I would do chains after cobra - with different snake names - same time: avalanche polygon polkadot - polkadot should probably come first if you have to choose, matic / poly second -

Change UI - the big movements are happening with trading, algo, trading tools (and combining portfolio/trading competitions…) - there are spin-offs to be made on several levels:

Upgrade the interface to make it look more like a real trading dex… NOT like open swap - like bnb dex — there are others coming out… if this is going to be a true AMM eventually - that’s how i’d do it starting slowly… integrate the analytics into the -screen - have several different interfaces to choose from and slightly customizable. Lot of open source code out there that can be pulled to make it happen.

Show live trades and other info - the liquidity is to the point where for the pools we have they can start having buy/ask bidding….

Time locks should remain with a year as each new swap opens… This is such a good a way of keeping price stability.

Add more pool types: short term deposits - autofarming feature - etc… there is a lot to do - i can suggest more (and will :wink: — but i’ll leave it up to ya’ll to decide what you can and can’t do — i assure you that putting funds and pushing hard for upgrades like this AND adding innovative “new” things (which I can supply guidance on) will be better than rewards and basically mirroring the swaps etc.

There are numerous new platforms, products, methods of leverage and liquidity that can be integrated - don’t need to reinvent the wheel - just put the pieces of all that is awesome together in the best and fastest way.

Let’s get the ball rolling on the cross-chain dex amm with a pro-trader feel… get API’s/platforms easily integrated and start adding other aspects to the Snake-Pit - I see viper as one brick in a larger build-out that can grow into an even bigger thing. Make sure to take the vipers, cobras etc and roll them up into a larger token and then when other areas of defi are explored what is necessary can be issued - but if we make vipers’ price shoot up like sushi / 1inch or more - and then integrate the different “snake” tokens, with the price stability strategies that have been undertaken - you are looking at a HUGE price increase… at some point it should be listed on exchanges — but only as a marketing point. When the governance token is issued it should be supply limited, deconomical and splittable…

— team should get on reaching out to the chains / forming relationships/building devs and/or hiring/outsourcing — i am sure with the proposal(s) to the “community” properly presented they would be down… including creating a level of “voting rights” based on holdings - that is tiered into strata-groups - not ranked linearly.


Honestly I feel like the “hype” post do a disservice to Viper as a whole. The time for innovations and leadership is here now and IMO the meme culture in crypto is dying, and we will be better off for it. Though Id like to see more Sushi style features added, I think Viperswap largely benefits from the simplicity it has. Other than that I agree with everything you stated.

Oh, and Id like to see the 5m viper airdrop get sorted as well

I agree re: hyping it up with meme’s that’s cute but not the marketing needed.

Re: simplicity - i think that should be optional - the trend is the opposite - folks are interested in having level3 trading capabilities across chains and exchanges and are willing to pay for it (i can name 3 off the top of my head that issued coin recently an have shown strong demand) - but to accommodate everyone make it optional, but offer it.

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