Setting up a marketing component and blogging section

Hi all! Good to be here, love this project. It’s a bit wild west out there, so it’s hard to trust projects but love the way this is run and being managed. I have previously worked for the Swissborg DAO and wanted to know if it’s possible to suggest a way to handle marketing and blogging through the DAO. Could we help create a series of medium articles on everything from user guides to using the DEX through to the use cases a Harmony DEX will support


Hey yh sounds good let’s see what @0xViper thinks. I’m more than happy to contribute design (I have a pro canva account and often do posters and images etc) and I also can do the blogs etc. There’s a lot to be said for a multi chain future and dexes on these chains. We can then also talk to @0xViper about topics such as manual burns/tokenomics to discuss and blog about the way the future could unfold.


This is going to be a fun community project for sure! Maybe we have some web devs here that would want to chip in for the coding? I can fix up some of the website text today if @0xViper thinks it’s a good idea. The last thing I want to do is start driving traffic if they don’t think we’re ready. And I especially need them to agree look over my text and comment when it’s ready so I don’t misrepresent the project.

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