SNEKMOON: to the moon!

Prepare for a full-on degen ape talking nonsense here:

Similar to Safemoon on the Binance Smart Chain, we introduce Snekmoon, a community driven, fair launched DeFi Token with three simple functions that occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, & Burn.

Total Supply: 1 quadrillion
Initial Burn: 250 trillion

10% fee each transaction ( 5% burn, 5% redistribute to all holders).

Some ideas we should discuss:

  • When to create this? Some have proposed now due to the shitcoin season hype, while others have proposed during 1x VIPER emissions season to promote VIPER when rewards are relatively low. Furthermore, this week is DeFi week on VIPERswap, so perhaps we should focus on releasing one idea at a time, and not rushing into anything.

What are your thoughts and ideas?
This is just the discussion post, no poll just yet.




What’s the value created doing this? If there is no real value behind this I would be totally against.

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No. Stop it.


This should not be an official VenomDAO project

It’s an obvious cash-grab and will leave a lot of fud once the fad cools of

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If your just here for that doge shit stop


If there could be some sort of actual utility implemented, then that would be fun. Otherwise please for the love of snek no.

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Safemoon is just a scam…

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I’m against jumping on this bandwagon. Let Mochi play in that space and reap the whirlwind when it’s done.

If it doesn’t add long term value and credibility to VenomDAO and Viper, I’m against it.


Let’s create our own version of moon token! It’s very good idea, I have access for many discord channels waiting for new moon token release, we need all new people to join for harmony, I hope to see our moon token! I vote to release It now because It’s best moment!


Hey Banani

If we can create some reason for the project other than a cash grab (onemoon) then I’m down.

I think the last thing we want is for people to ape in at ath and lose 95% of their input if the early investors dump.

Maybe there is a potential to indroduce some lock up system that rewards holding. Also I don’t want to see someone claim masses of the ONE token just to then go dump it on an exchange as this increases selling presuure on ONE and drives down the price of VIPER

I’d we’re gonna do it lets be smarter about it than Mochi

I think its a great idea! We should see this as an opportunity to get more people to join our community.

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Thank you, but no thank you.

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It may seem just a cash grab idea to some but in the end this could be used to burn viper thus reducing its supply and making viper itself more valuable, unless anyone else has a better idea on how to burn viper this would not be too bad

edit. In the meantime I changed my mind, I’m still for burning viper but it’s better to do it another way

I like the idea of new viper pools, but we need to protect ONE. Wouldn’t the new pool between ONE and the new currencies with viper rewards be better? do we need to hold ONES to keep the viper price, or am I wrong?

Absolutely! Why not? It’s a nice idea to be on trendy things.

Agreed it will be a good decision. Burning Viper is good for everyone


Brings no intrinsic value to the dex whatsoever, it’s not valuable it’s not sustainable, attracts only the worst kind of driveby degen, whatever serious investors viper has lined up will think the project is a fucking joke, why are we even discussing this ?


All good points. I like any ideas about burning VIper though.