Stake VIPER to join COBRA?

What do you think to stake VIPER condition to join COBRA system?

idk if it is possible or not, just trying to think to make VIPER valuable while launching COBRA.


I am not sure is it feasible as harmony community is still small. But Binance chain is huge. We need to attract more non viper people as in VenomDao. I beleive Viper wont go down its on very nice model.
I beleive from Cobra(Binance community) people will know about VIPER then vice versa.

When know about less fee and price of VIPER surely they will come on Viper as well.


Sounds like a great idea, but @0xViper will need help with its implementation. @ekinvester do you know any developer who could help with development?

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unfortunately i dont have developer around me, i follow only one developer who is on twitter. Maybe he can help to @0xViper if needs help.

I think making it a condition might be a bit overkill but there might be another option. VIPER stakers might have a special pool that has higher APR than the other pools. That would encourage people to stake some ONE-VIPER LP to earn that additional APR on Cobra Swap. @ekinvester


Just to confirm though, Cobra is not live yet? I cant find anything on it online…could domeone copy in a link?

It is not online yet. We will be informed when it is. @Blair

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As I mentioned in another discussion I like the idea of some kind of cobra reward for viper stakers. This will incentivize people to stake viper and not to unstake as soon as cobras launched.

My concern is as soon as Cobras launch is announced people are going to pull liquidity out of viper and stick it in Cobra for larger rewards. This will obviously cause viper price to plummet.


Hey Arteca, how will we get told? Do we just watch this space or is there any official website, social media to follow? Thanks :grin::call_me_hand:

You can follow the Twitter @VenomDAO
or the TG announcement channel: Telegram: Contact @VenomDAOAnn

It will likely be announced on both


def. don’t make it exclusive - connect the two as much as possible but do not make anything conditional

Before launching COBRA I think it is necessary to launch VIPER in some exchange ( has launched several recently started currencies and may be an option) in addition to giving more visibility to VIPER and exchanges should boost the price. The issue of viperpit (x-viper) and ONE_VIPER stake must always be a priority and contain greater rewards and some form of airdrop viper that guarantee satisfied investors and keep betting on VIPER.

The Ellipsis project that emerged from the Curve project (they used the code base) made a very interesting strategy.

Ellipsis is an authorized fork of Curve Finance. As a result of this agreement, veCRV holders will receive 25% of the supply over the next 12 months.

Something similar could be thought of in the Cobra project.

how do you guys feel about rewarding bsc users of cobra, but instead of the rewards being on bsc, users can stake on bsc and earn rewards that are redeemable on viper? although it wont guarentee that they wont just sell off and leave, the process of having to interact with viperswap alone should direct more exposure.

What if we could choose to convert the $VIPERs we received into rewards and are blocked until December 2021 by Viper/Cobra LPs remaining blocked until December 2021 but generating unlocked Cobra rewards?


in this case we would already have the $viper and buy only the $Cobra to form the LP. When undoing the LP the used $vipers would return to the previous blocking condition

i like the idea of using xviper (pitted tokens) to earn rewards especially if we can just farm cobra with Xviper as well as an LP. so we can put pitted tokens to use and be able to get an edge for the dao to farm cobra. this way if bc users want the same edge they essentially have to participate in viper


What about an COBRA airdrop for all xViper holders/stakers? Since all ViperSwap-Users own a MetaMask wallet the airdrop could be easily achieved on the BSC address. This might incentivize BSC farmers to experiment with ViperSwap.


I’m seconding this, it would incentivize people to stake in the viper pit plus keep people from dumping any earned viper the second they get it, also drive more people into cobraswap with any airdropped rewards

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No, it is a investor repelent what you are proposing. Why would we condition investors? We want their money but we need them to do something else to make us more money which looks and sounds greedy af!!

You arite?