Staking rewards bug

I want to report a bug on the Viper staking platform. On July 9 I staked the equivalent of around $10 to test how did it work. All good, and today I had the equivalent of around $2 on viper tokens rewards. However, today I deposited more LP tokens into the pool and my previous rewards were erased. Luckily they were only around $2, but it doesn’t hide the fact that they’re gone.

This happened on the ONE/VIPER pool.

Is this a smart contract bug, or a UX bug (and I’m not checking the right spot)

In addition to that, everytime you claim your LP tokens, your rewards start from 0. That should not be the case, as this disintentivize providing liquidity

Probably your 2$ were added together with the new deposits. You claim your deposits and then if you add them to a new pool the reward start from zero but your locked balance has increased. Even if you don’t add your claim reward to a new pool, the 95% if the rewards that are locked will again be added to your total locked tokens.

I claimed my rewards and got my unlocked VIPER asap. Where can I see my locked rewards?

click on the word Viper on the right upper side of the screen and a pop up window will appear, you see there your locked and unlocked rewards and other info.