Staking Vyper Pool Reward to the Vyper Pit


Does it sound interesting to Stake the Vyper Pool reward into the VyperPit?

We keep it locked at 95% but have the possibility to add the locked Vyper to the Pit.
What do you think about it? Is it feasable.

Thank you


This would be a cool idea, I feel like it adds complexity that the devs don’t need right now. Not a bad idea though

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I think the effect is the same as reducing the reward block from 95% to 90%, isn’t it?

I couldn’t agree more. I worry that this Dex will struggle to grow with the current arrangement. I think that some change to the lockup will have to be made. I’m not that concerned, and I keep adding liquidity. I just don’t think that this applies to the general Dex population. There are too many new Dexes, too many good deals out there, and more coming!

I think a pool for locked viper is a no brainer.

If the lockup percentage were to be lowered, I think it would need to be lowered to 50 - 75%.

Thank you for posting this idea. It is certainly a popular one as it has been discussed previously. Unfortunately, it does present a security risk as it requires a direct manipulation of the smart contract. We would like to avoid this risk and work to increase rewards through other means.