VenomDAO x NFT Promotion

Hey, the boss wants more VenomDAO relevant NFT and snek arts.

This is a place for NFT artists to highlight their work as it pertains to VenomDAO. 0xViper will check this post for updates and will highlight NFT notable for a shoutout on VenomDAO’s social media platforms.

VenomDAO currently doesn’t have any specific plans regarding NFT, but we would still like to stay engaged with the NFT community. A strong relationship between VenomDAO and DaVinci could be beneficial if we plan to incorporate NFT in the future.

Please try to also post the picture so we can also scroll through easier! I’ll go first:

" VenomDAO: The Rise of Cobra" - @mgdjtkz, a painter from Tokyo. Inspired by degens asking “WEN-COBRA” every 15 minutes…


Hey, I just made a Viper NFT, it’s an original music composition + a snek animation
You can preview it here:

If you like it you can purchase it here 10 copies for 10 $ONE

Thank You

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Made ths for tf of it last week when shard 0 was screwing up. Dont buy it please lol, waste of money. Also made a shitty viper watermark at someone elses suggestion if anyone wants to steal that

Morning lads,

Haven’t gotten the clearest clarification if pertaining to venomdao was strictly about memes for venom/viper/cobra etc.
But if considering more general projects from the viper community that is also involved in the nft space on daVinci; would appreciate the consideration!
Here my promo Viper

Hello fellow Vipers!

Trying my wings on Viper NFTs for a while and i was very happy to find this topic. Let me share my batch with you. Hope you’ll like them:

Thx for checking them out!

Let’s go Viper!

Hello guys, take a look at my Viper/Cobra NFT creations:

The ViperSwap Cosmogonesis

The CobraSwap Cosmogonesis


New Snek :snake: Original animation + music composition
Wen Cobra?

“$Cobra” - Original artwork by @mgdjtkz, a painter from Tokyo. Raw JPEG will be unlocked after purchase.

10/10 Editions Only.

DaVinci Marketplace: DaVinci

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Hi, how to create NFT? Can someone provide a guideline? It will help a lot.

making a snek collection, really like the project so far, I hope you’ll like my art as well! :smiley:

Hello guys, take a look at my new Viper NFT creations - ancient coins from Viper Empire:

1 VIPER COIN / 1000 copies

10 VIPER COIN / 100 copies

100 VIPER COIN / 10 copies

1K VIPER COIN / Unique


420 Special

5 Editions Only. 1000 each.


2/3 editions left :blush:
daVinci Link: DaVinci

We can kill 2 birds with ONE stone. Can we start to include Opacity in our competitions. We can make Opacity the default file sharing platform for Harmony. Why would we want to do this… many reasons. They had mentioned adding another platform to their system.
Opacity talking about Harmony
It would be easy to include an original file link or such to DaVinci NFT’s when someone purchases a NFT. If anyone here has uploaded something to DaVinci you know you can add bonus content links that are available to people who buy the NFT’s.
Whenever we tweet these things we can then include Opacity, DaVinci, Harmony, VendomDAO all those in the tweet to get it trending. They will see the integration with Harmony and come on over to us instead of another chain.
My DaVinci account i created to show how easy it is…
Obviously a link will become available to purchasers i dont expect anyone to actually buy this. But it would be easy to get people to start using Opacity on Harmony and get them to notice.

Could become a thing… just a thought.

Ready for WEN COBRA ?