VIPER/COBRA and VenomDAO's Cross Chain Goals

Woke up this morning and couldn’t stop thinking about the idea below from 0xViper. Just wanted to further the discussion.

Benefits of 256x Cobra with 30-40% pool allocation to VIPER/COBRA

  1. Discipline - In maintaining the same 256x emission and 95/5 lock up as Viper, we let future sneks know that we’re disciplined and fair. This saves us from backlash from future sneks who thinks it’s unfair and at the same time incentivizes more people to farm Cobra.
  2. Cross Chain Farming - ViperSwap is now the default DEX for Harmony Protocol and when the BSC apes see 256x emission and 95/5 lock up, they WILL show up. ViperSwap’s reputation will alleviate the apes’ worry of a rug pull and further drive the demand for VIPER and COBRA. This helps VenomDAO’s overall goal of being a cross chain DEX and sets the stage up for a VENOM ETF.
  3. New Utility for VIPER - With a 30-40% emission allocation, the VIPER/COBRA pool will have a very high TVL and will be one of the most liquid pool for swapping. The demand for VIPER will skyrocket and will give VIPER the opportunity to be the #1 bridged asset on Harmony’s Horizon bridge.

I think the possibility of having VIPER be the #1 bridged asset on Harmony is very entertaining. I think there’s still ongoing discussion but newer pools will be denominated in VIPER.

What does this mean? Whenever someone wants to move their assets to Harmony they will bridge VIPER. With more VIPER denominated pools, it will be cost efficient for many cross chain users to bridge VIPER and convert it on ViperSwap (default DEX of Harmony) since they don’t have to reroute to other coins.

Hoping to start the discussion here and see what else people think.


I think something in that direction would be a really good idea.

But we would also need a cobra/viper pool on viperswap with the second highest reward rate.

Both would help to keep value in cobra and viper tokens.


I love it, too… Maybe @0xViper can use some of the 5m VIPER to add incentive to the VIPER-COBRA LP on launch.

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Sounds like a good idea, with another cobra viper in viperswap would be something worth looking at.

I think it is a great idea!

Sounds great. The duration of 256x before halving can be increased to keep the momentum and pull more assets and investors.


I like this idea especially focusing on the long term value of $VIPER as well as the VEMON ETF. $VIPER will be flying off the shelves once a potential 256X pool for $COBRA is announced and a 128X pool on Viper will bring VENOMDAO into legendary status!


Yh love this idea. Also a suggestion would be to coincide cobra token release (95%) at a time subsequent to viper unlock, so as to incentivise the further locking of Viper post that date, and ease and downward pressure on Viper. Eg Cobra unlock could be summer 22 etc?


Correct me if I am wrong, but wouldn’t people who already have viper in the Viper pools still want to transfer their Viper from the Viper LP’s to the Cobra pool for the enhanced rewards causing a mad rush out of Viper? How do you incentivize people not to do this?

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Yeah I definitely think we need a VIPER/COBRA on ViperSwap to complete this balance, however, I’m not sure what’s the most efficient allocation since Viper emissions are going down. Maybe @0xViper can chime in on his thoughts.

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting any ideas that would change the emission schedule of Viper. I’m hoping we are disciplined and keep to the emission plan from the start. I like the current way emissions are going and I think the lower emission will drive Viper to scarcity as it will be used more for pooling, viper pit, and potentially bridging purposes.

Fun Idea: Due to the recent 6 seconds block time from Harmony, I think our emission schedule got pushed. Would it be possible to allocate these emissions to this new VIPER/COBRA pool in Viperswap down the road? Not sure how difficult this will be on dev side.

A potential downside to this is that for Sneks who have all their VIPERs in the LP or in the Pit, they will have to remove those VIPERs in order to take them to Cobraswap. This would decrease TVL in Viperswap.

How do we combat this downside while keeping the goals of cross-chain alive?

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LOVE THE IDEA - but last comment is valid - you can increase rewards in pit to stop it —

JUST CREATE A BRIDGE — see what ChainX is doing with Polkadot and make it way cooler and simplier

cross chain across all is the key - there is a dex race going on and VenomDAO is gonna win if they can cross them all -


Bad idea to adjust emissions, he’d be better off just using some of the extra community funds to add a separate incentive for V/C stakers.

Not sure if this in principle possible or the amount of work our lone dev would need to do to make it possible BUT hear me out:

A Viper/xViper or Viper/you name it pool that emitted an LP token to bridge and then stake to earn Cobra on Cobraswap. It would reward leaving Viper on Viperswap while also emitting a reward that let you earn Cobra AND display the power of the Harmony bridge. I’m sure there is something I’m missing here but this seems to reward adoption of both protocols and use of both tokens and platforms and chains.

My understanding is this would require several new contracts and perhaps new functionality of the bridge so it would be a massive amount of work, but I have never heard of anyone doing cross chain LP tokens so if it is possible SOMEONE will do it at some point and will market it to death… why not Venom? Completely reinforces the ‘DAO’ and ‘ecosystem’ aspects of the projects telos.


I don’t think this makes sense, I think you would just bridge viper to get bscViper and then pair it with COBRA on COBRA to earn COBRA for your COBRA-bscVIPER LP. Technically under that system take those same funds, bridge the COBRA to Harmony and convert to VIPER-1COBRA LP that earn VIPER when staked. I’m pretty sure there’s plans for Venom to bring all chains together and make cross chain LPs that yield VENOM

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I agree with this idea, combining cobra and the viper with bsc will help project to grow. Also advertising and social media should be more active. People have no idea how promising the project is.

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I think not because we have almost half the supply of viper already locked. If we made a huge pool of VIPER/cobra on viperswap I assume we’ be be awarded in VIPER right? To make people even want to add liquidity in viperswap the rewards would have to be close to cobra swaps 256x( I think cobra swap will go live when we hit 4x but lmk if it may be sooner) this would cause too much of vipers supply and would drastically lower the price of viper.

I did a quick search for “Cobra pit” and didn’t see any results. I assume Cobra will have a pit of it’s own? In the spirit of cross chain goals, I had an…ambitious idea. What about having a “Snekpit” that is shared between all Venomdao’s DEXs. Rewards (1/3 of trading fees, and airdrops) would be funneled from ALL DEXs, but access would be locked behind a tier system. Tiers would be unlocked by certain achievements: Providing liquidity to x number of pools, for x days, or x amount of Viper/Cobra staked. Viper achievements would unlock rewards from Viperswap, Cobra achievements unlock cobra rewards, etc.