VIPER Timelock prioritization vs COBRA launch

There are some recent developments for which prioritizing implementing Timelocks for VIPER could prove to be a far more strategical move vs launching Cobra right now.

There’s some tentative interest from larger backers/investors to support VIPER as the leading DEX on Harmony - but for that to happen more protocol safety measures have to be put in place, like e.g. Timelocks.

There’s also currently some low-effort FUD re: the anon nature of VIPER on good ol’ Plebbit, and Timelocks would also further alleviate that criticism. But that’d just be a bonus - it is by no means the primary reason for sorting out the Timelocks.

The original plan was to launch Cobra and then activate Timelocks for VIPER and COBRA at the exact same time. For the #WenCobraBros - don’t worry, Cobra is coming - it’s just that it won’t be launched in the next 15 minutes.

What’s a Timelock?
A Timelock is a special smart contract that sets a delay (typically 24-48 hours) on all interactions with the contract. It was originally popularized by and has become somewhat of an industry standard for securing DeFi protocols.

When the Timelock contract is in place and has been set as the owner for various smart contracts in the protocol, every transaction will have to go through a 48 hour delay before it can be executed and alter the state of the protocol.

This means that everyone participating in the protocol has up to 48 hours to exit it in case there are undesirable transactions being queued for execution.


Yea put the timelocks as priority aswell as polishing up viper first. Not a big fan of the cobra idea as I think ONE is the better network so I am all for more improvements to viper.

Viper ultras unite! (:P)

P.S. is it possible to also see differences between the files aka the changes for easier observations? (somewhat like github commit changes overview)


I’m all for this - would be good to see ONE with a nice DEX in place, hopefully, this will incentivise ONE adoption - VIPER is the one to lead the way for this.


Agreed, this will also consolidate VIPER and give it the time for wider adoption, avoiding massive dumps when COBRA is launched.


Good choice.

I’d rather be driven a little insane by wen cobra than reading another terrible post on Reddit.


Yeah timelock should be the priority


Unpopular opinion but I think COBRA should wait until VIPER starts unlocked in December. That way, people can take their VIPER as it unlocks and instead of selling off ONE coin, there is another option for those tokens - stake them on COBRA.

In any event, the priority should be getting VIPER 100% right and it will be known as the first and most solid De-Fi project on Harmony. That’s more important that having too many things going at once. Not to mention it will just take money out of Harmony ecosystem and into Binance.


100% support for timelocks to reduce the FUD and increase adoption.

Is it possible to know what type of support we can expect from these “larger backers/investors”? #WenTheGraph

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Timelocks as a priority is having priorities right. I back this up 100%. Much respect 0x, for making this a priority.

Fwiw I also think the Airdrop should be done soon. Or it isnt supporting early adopters like its intentions…

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Fuck bsc. There are hundreds of swap exchanges in bsc already. And bsc is a copy project with no future. The real deal is harmony one. You guys were smart and lucky to start with it. Go with it.


When would I buy the cobra ?


I am all for the timelock, this should give people peace of mind


All of my votes have been with the community’s interest mind, and this will fill that trend. Establishing trust in this space is always first and foremost. Timelocks would add that assurance that we are doing things the right way. I’ll just continue to +15 every Wen Cobra. Let’s add the timelocks.


Hey boss,

This is a no brainer, if there’s immediate traction to push viper to the next level the timelock should prioritized, we’ll just have to deal with wen cobra pepegas for another 15 min.

Metrics have been steadily increasing, informed people are slowly wrapping their head around the project and it’s showing in my daily interactions with people, the new elements you mentionned justify in my opinion the shift in priorities

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I agree with Timelock priority. VIPER is at a unique first mover advantage and is getting a lot of attention from Harmony users who want to stake. This ramp up period is critical to maintain the advantage vs other pools popping up and taking market share. There is a lot of competition already in BSC, but if we all believe that Harmony will be a top blockchain on its own ($10 billion+ marketcap), imagine the potential VIPER will have as the first swap platform on Harmony network. VIPER should take advantage of the current position we have


I absolutely support and agree with this (timelock as the priority). It’s best not just for the Viper crowd, but also for the long-term success of VenomDAO.

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Yes! Great initiative. It’s a good idea to manifest your position on harmony, this is a unique opportunity :slight_smile:

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My vote is to prioritize the timelock. Adding further legitimacy to the project makes a lot of sense given the rapid increase of adoption. COBRA can wait some time, I think it’s most important to have this project stable first

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Timelock is the way to go!


I also agree with setting up the timelocks first. Keep up the good work!