VIPER Timelock prioritization vs COBRA launch

Definitely Timelock contract. Anything that can bring more trust and stability.
You are in such a unique position, keep doing the great job!


Totally agree too — ride the harmony wave - makes total sense — but, let me play devil advocate - eth 2.0 is coming, polkadot main, cfx is up and coming — there are sooo many… NOT SAYING DON’T DO THIS.

Just saying the point of venomDAO is cross chain swap - as many chains as possible - we should make it big but stick to original purpose ---- if there is any way of taking some money and getting more devs or higher outside devs i think that would make the most sense but if we had to choose go with timelock… so long as the viper price keeps going up and it is made into a full swap and liquidity pool place that’ll be perfect.

but you got other competitors trying to get in and we gotta make sure they’re crushed (i.e. mochi) ---- overall i agree and think whatever 0xViper thinks is best that has majority support is the way to go…


Total support of Time lock. Credibility of platform is utmost important


I support implementing timelocks on VIPER before launching Cobra. Viper has the first mover’s advantage in the Harmony One network, and priority should be given to expanding that rather than launching a DEX on BSC which already is full of DEXes and clones of DEXes.


I dont understand why a timelock benefits me as a LP farmer? I cant pull out any funds until 48 hours later? Sure maybe some pump and dumper gets slowed down but isn’t the 95% lockup already enough?

How do I get 48 hours to exit, and what type of undesirable transaction is this preventing? Is there documentation on timelocks I can read on this?

I participate in other products with a soft timelock that simply institutes a percentage fee if someone wants to pull their position early (something that viper already does btw)… why do we need more?

I start getting concerned that more and more of my funds are being locked away from me.

this was clarified in the telegram for me. timelocks go on new smart contracts to prevent them from being implemented immediately after changes.

I think the time lock is a great idea, let’s keep this viper wave building all we can!


It sounds good, make Viper better and safely will be productive for all the community. After all is working near perfectly Cobra will be next step.

Also if Viper get more and more known, more FOMO will be for Cobra launch on BSC.

Hope Viper investors could receive a Cobra airdrop before launching on BSC.


Cobra airdrop would actually be nice!


If the timelock for VIPER gets prioritized, is there an ETA on when it will be finished?


I am also pro timelock priority, the safer the better.

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Time locks would seem to be a much better return on investment and would add additional credibility and financial backing to the project. I would vote “yes” to implementing them first before cobra.

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I am in agreement with the community.

I like the idea of a cobra airdrop to viper stakers.

I feel early adopters of Viper came from being interested in ONE and then realized how amazing the exchange is. Now with the huge success with Viper and it’s it’s increase in value users are now just waiting to pull out of viper to swap to cobra to realize similar gains.

Rewarding people who continue to stake in Viper would be nice, it might help curb a mass exodus.


Polish off VIPER first so you can get COBRA 100% functioning from the rip, don’t rush to release COBRA, it will be better as a perfected product, 2 months from now. I was worried about COBRA screwing with VIPER liquidity, we’re still a small community. Also if you wait a while to launch COBRA you’ll have a larger community that’s already excited when you’re ready to launch.


In my personal opinion; The Viper has already been accepted by the community. While there is so much interest in it, the viper and cobra brotherhood is supported by launching the cobra simultaneously. By adding the timelock feature after Cobra, they both benefit. If the cobra is removed at the end of the viper, the liquidity in the viper will shift to the cobra. But while the viper still gives an attractive share, I think that the emergence of the cobra supports the new liquidity to the system.

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How accurate is it to launch a new product while stopping to support the rise of the Viper? Put off Cobra. Focus on the Viper. People are surprised when they see ONE’s speed and zero transaction fees. I think you should focus on the Viper. Cobra can wait.

If you do Cobra airdrop to Viper stakeholders in the future, both viper and cobra will be talked about much more.



First - a big thank you to the big kahuna and his efforts on everything so far.
+++ the amazing community

Don’t know much about the technicalities of Timelocks, so I won’t speak to that. Seems the techies all agree that it’s a good thing and based on my (limited) understanding, I would prioritize this as well.

I will speak to the reasons I think Viper was so successful in attracting so many (good quality) people in such a short time:

  • Harmony low fees and long term outlook for the network. Lightning speed blockchain for the masses.
  • Viper’s genius business model - people feel their investment is protected and has massive potential to grow (dependent also on Harmony’s future).
  • Great, supporting community

Agreed we should create a good, healthy base for Viper before launching Cobra. Also figuring out the harmony between the two is crucial for both to be successful (pun intended).
Pancake will not like the competition so have to be smart about how to play that, looking at the many people ready to ape in. Take the time, think it through, rather than rushing into that.

Confident in the long term success of the project, if we play our cards right. We definitely have a good hand with this ONE!



yes another vote for launching timelock first.


timelock first pls

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I support your master plan Ser! I know some of the backers involved and the timelock is a good idea,