ViperSwap Treasury x Gitcoin Bounties

Proposal: Utilize treasury to fund bounties that could expand ViperSwap’s ecosystem and user base.

Background: Harmony has a Gitcoin bounty page where they outsource dev work in exchange for bounties. Any dev can read the bounty and try to tackle the problem. The timespan is usually within 3-4days (which is great!).

Issue: 0xViper probably doesn’t have enough bandwidth to run this and migrate the new code to ViperSwap’s github.

Solution: Start off with bounties that doesn’t add any bandwidth on 0xViper, but will create NET POSTIVE return for VenomDAO.

Proposal #1: Create bounty to integrate more wallets to Harmony’s DEX. As of right now, only Metamask wallet is compatible with yield farming on Harmony. Metamask requires a steep learning curve and if we can make farming $VIPERS easier, we can increase TVL and grow the VenomDAO ecosystem. As a validator on Harmony, I’ve seen a lot of people struggling with how to delegate (which should be the easiest thing to do on Harmony cause before Viper, there was only staking…).

Action Item: Create bounty on GitCoin for around $2.5k-$5k USD.

Collaboration: Since this will benefit Mochiswap AND Harmony, they can also help contribute to the bounty.

Why do I care? DeFi week and Viper farming is great, but if only a small subset of the population can use it, then what’s the point? As Harmony’s default DEX, we should be open to as many people as possible. We don’t have a .info page yet so we don’t truly know how much volume goes through Viper, and by default, how much fees are generated.

Bitcoin was just added, but unless you have a Metamask wallet, you ain’t getting any. I get that all of you degens are prodigies, but there’s so many people out there with ONE but can’t utilize it. Give them the extra push. If we have $10k for a Meme competition / Marketing Event, I think we can also have a bounty that could help meaningfully grow our TVL and the greater Harmony ecosystem.

Price of Viper = Derived from utilization of ViperSwap.
You can add as many pools as you want, but once the emission dries up, where are you going to get your fees from? If you don’t have people swapping or providing liquidity, how is the ecosystem going to grow? Through DeFi week, we have BUILT it. I think we need to give an extra push and they will COME.

For Reference:
Market price for coding is around $1-2k right now, see Leo’s bounty for $1k posted 5 days ago and no one taking up on it. J. Powell going brrrr, and VenomDAO has the $$$$. Let’s use it.

Hoping to get the conversation started on using treasury for outsourcing and to help alleviate @0xViper 's bandwidth.

Background: Was flipping through Harmony’s bounty and thought it would be cool if we could utilize this in the future.

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You have my vote. More wallet compatibility, less on-ramping would benefit everyone, especially ViperSwap.

I do not agree with “then what’s the point” because people will break through that barrier to entry if they desire so, as proven by all of us currently on it. But more wallets would bring down that barrier to entry and be beneficial.

I’d say the bounty price should be around $1k though. Not $2.5-$5k.

I agree with this proposal.

Agree with Shimmeh - it sounds like a smart usage of treasury funds to help bring in more users. People will find a way if they really want in…but why make it hard?


I agree with this proposal.

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Sounds good to me, this is just treasury funds put to good use, adding more supported wallets is the first step to going mainstream, next step would be to dumb down the ux even more for new users


On dumbing down the ux even more:
I would love to see one-click access to liquidity pools to add liquidity in a single transaction.

For example, if you only have ONE in your wallet but would like to to supply liquidity to the UNI-Viper pair you wouldn’t have to worry about manually converting half the ONE into UNI and half into Viper and then submitting another transaction to add the liquidity.

Instead, the contracts will handle this under the hood and swap to exactly half the amount of ONE into UNI and will supply both assets to the pool. Lastly, the contract will pass the liquidity provider tokens back to your address at the end of the transaction, both steps done in one transaction. So that you can stake them in the pool.

I dont know about this. We are going to be a multi-chain DAO. Sure we started on Harmony, but its on them to fix their issues. My biggest bag is Harmony so i’d love for them to take off. However, if our goal is to move to different chains we cant be using funds to fix all of their problems. Next is BSC how many issues on BSC are we going to fix, then ETH or whatever else we move to. I dont think throwing $$ at people to solve the blockchain issue is the answer. I agree it helps the community as a whole but big picture, Harmony and any other blockchain we get into should be fixing their own problems. Its on them to fix the issues.

What we can do is petition them to increase the bounties, or be vocal about issues that need to be fixed. Twitter, Telegram, Discord, etc.

Edit: What you are talking about is making it easier for people to get into DeFi. That has been an issue since the very begging. If there was a solution these chains with billions of dollars would have solved it and we would be paying for our McDonalds with Bitcoin already.

[quote=“younix, post:6, topic:797, full:true”]
On dumbing down the ux even more:
I would love to see one-click access to liquidity pools to add liquidity in a single transaction…

Never mind. Saw in the FAQ that this is already planned.
See the FAQ in the thread below (section named " What is a “Zap” feature and how does it relate to fees ?):