ViperSwap whitepaper

I’m interested in writing a whitepaper over ViperSwap that covers similar topics to Uniswap’s whitepapers (eg

I have the experience and means to do the technical writing and formatting, but what I am lacking is the super technical mechanisms of the platform… this includes all formulas and calculations that ViperSwap operates with.

For example, I can prepare a technical write up of how the ViperPit works, but I’d like to show the formula for calculation of xVIPER from VIPER. I can interpret code and display formulas from code, but I need someone pointing me in the right direction.

I’d also appreciate it if several members here could run through my writing and conduct an internal peer review so we can turn this into a high quality tech paper that our community can point investors towards. Also I’ll gladly co-author this with other sneks who are adept in technical writing.


can’t delete or edit this post but it seems there’s a lack of interest from the dev in having a white paper written. Feel free to reach out to me, but I’ll probably have moved on to another project. Good luck.

I totally agree, it would provide credebility to the whole project. The lack of it, shows amateurs at best and raises suspicions. I don’t understand the disinterest to such a move!!



just for the record, I understand the dev is busy, but we’re all (besides the degenerates) busy so it’s not fair of me to equate “lack of response from the dev” with “disinterest from the dev in having a whitepaper”, but I’d just like to reiterate … my offer was to write a whitepaper for venomdao with as little assistance from the dev as possible, and all of it for free. You won’t come across many (or any) people in the near future that will offer technical writing skills for free. It’s a fairly useless skill to have, which I acquired during grad school, but there are only a handful of people in any given community capable of producing a high quality technical writeup even for pay. I’ve written and published 3-4x more peer reviewed publications than the average PhD student, and all those do for me at this point is fill up a couple pages on my CV - my point is not gain bragging rights, but just that this is a very uncommon and unusual offer, and I wish you’d seen it and considered it, dev.

Unless we’re just counting on FOMO’rs to flock to the platform and do all of their research after putting their life savings into viper, I suggest that there be a significant focus towards attracting “smart” investors. By that I mean the average investor that will scan through lists of tokens, and judge their legitimacy and value by #1 the whitepaper, #2 development docs, and #3 data with which some form of technical analysis can be run on.

Personally, the whitepaper is the first thing I’ll look at when I look into a new token. If the whitepaper either looks like dogshit (example: bullshit whitepaper written by 6 year old or doesn’t exist, chances are, I’ll move on without thinking twice. I’m lucky to have found this platform, but if I’d come across it on a website like CMC, I wouldn’t have ever joined since it lacks any official whitepaper or even a deck of slides

So I still I give dev the benefit of the doubt, but you got a free offer to strongly legitimize your platform and make your current users even happier, and you didn’t take the offer. Best of luck, and again, not necessarily too late to message me if you still have any interest.


I can also help with the writing or participate in peer review. I have a PhD degree. We can write a technical whitepaper and a “litepaper” that would appeal to non-technical people in the cryptospace.

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I’d gladly co-author… but first we need to gather some technical content from dev (ex. formulas that we can format for display and use to explain each feature). If anyone else if capable of gathering this info from dev, see the Uniswap whitepaper for an idea of what kind of technical info needed.

What we don’t need is any illustrations from dev. I have years of experience with making scientific figures in illustrator, and I’m sure randombirb does too. Figures are the easiest part.

If dev will participate in a tg chat with us, adding anyone else that may be of help, I’ll still leave the offer on the table.

also, dev, if the concern is about creating liability by showing me or others helping the source code, fyi I’ve signed many NDAs in my past and don’t mind signing another.


I think this might be very beneficial to have!

Devs WYA this helps with credibility and those binance guys will be much more eager to hop on if they see this white paper

This is a great initiative. Is there any way to get the Developer’s attention on this? It would be a huge waste of opportunity to not utilize your skills in my opinion.

I posted in Telegram with a link to this thread. Hopefully that does the trick.

Posted on the subreddit hopefully skilz can get it to the devs.

Sorry for double posting, skillz has said he will let the devs know. If wenlambo420 is still available hopefully we can get a go ahead. I feel a white paper is very important to legitimize the project and it’ll go a long way for it.

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Please be patient, the community manager said he’s passing this onto the dev

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If you want to legitimize a project, you really need to have a whitepaper. The best analysists is looking for this key piece of information to gauge seriousness and viability of a project. I am a big fan of this project, however if your looking for mass adoption, a whitepaper on the goals of the project is a critical document that should be public.

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VenomDAO’s medium articles are more detailed than a lot of whitepapers around, what legitimizes a project is a competent dev who shows that he knows what he’s doing and is working to constantly improve the platform. Nowadays whitepapers have the same utility of audits, none.