Voting power based on staking and total VIPER or just the VIPER that’s in your wallet?

Voting opened today on whether there should be a deposit fee or not. Here is a comment I made on Reddit and wanted to post it here as well.
One annoying thing about the voting:
It doesn’t consider staked amount for weight of vote. This lessens the voting power of reinvestors in the staking pools. It doesn’t make any sense to assign voting weight by only what’s in your wallet. I get “1.93 VIPER” worth of vote as it stands, when the amount I have staked in LP far exceeds this. That 1.93 VIPER is no indication of what my voting power is.
I would like to request that this is ratified prior to this vote being passed and that this be considered in the future for all voting


does voting power consider amount of Viper in pit??

I had some in the pit and a lot lot more staked in LP.

Based on the good intentions of the dev and supporters, I felt it was more of an issue to bring to attention. There is no reason to think there is bad intent, just wanted to bring to attention. I really appreciate everything everyone is doing to make this DEX as good as possible!



I didn’t even vote, because my Viper is being invested and my balance in the portfolio was 0.95 viper, I was ashamed to vote! I also have thousands of LPs

It’s fair to work out kinks and this is the power of governance to make things better.

Definitely a fair concern. As @LTPS shared, the plans for future votes are to use a ViperVote token which will take into account your current VIPER balance, locked balance, VIPER in ONE/VIPER pool, and VIPER in the ViperPit.

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I like the sound of that it incentivizes the core LP positions.

I agree to one extent that the core LPs are the basis of whether this thing takes off or not. That said, it’s a DEX and the number one thing that helps a DEX succeed is ability to trade with low fees. Cant trade without liquidity present. Thus, every liquidity pool strengthens everything else. Venomswap viability has a backbone of the ONE-VIPER and VIPER-COBRA (insert obligatory “WEN…) pools, but liquidity of other coins is just as critical. I don’t know what the absolute right answer is, but I think providing liquidity to the Viperswap DEX in general (regardless of the pool) has value. I don’t think my reply solved anything, but gave additional viewpoints.


Bu bencede çok saçma benim bütün viperlerim hepsi viper havuzlarında. Viper havuzlarımdan kazandıklarını anında ViperPit e yatırıyorum. Bu yüzdende cüzdanımda hiç viper olmuyor. Tüm viperlerimi viper havuzlarına yatırıp viperin güçlenmesini sağladığımız için cezalandırılacakmıyım :frowning:

Hiç Türkçe bilmiyorum ve belki bu google çeviri çalışmayabilir. Ama denemek istedim. Bunun için bir çözüm, likidite havuzunu ve viperpit’i hesaba katan oylama jetonları ile geliyor. Yatırımcılar, sahip oldukları şey için gelecekte kredi alacaklar. Umarım bu, Google translate kullanılarak iyi yorumlanmıştır.
That’s Google translate up there, so hopefully it translated properly.

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