What drives viper price higher?

i wonder how the viper price is rising since it,a not listed?when i found about this it was something like 1.2& and now it,s 1.5$

One of the reasons is the strong hands of the Viper / One family, who faithfully believe in the development of the project, with good reason! The other is the attractiveness of the APR’s of the pools and the blocking of 95% to be released from December 2021.

but as far as i know they they are not listed at platform is it the demand at viperswap?163$ now

± X10 $ONE price, but it is not a rule


I am not an expert. For the moment there seems to be a consistent relationship between the price of Harmony One and Viper. As the price of One moves up and down, so does the price of Viper.

because they are staked in the same pool which has highest value in viperswap. So viper follow one’s price accordingly - they are in ‘harmony’

This isn’t a question for the governance forum; these types of questions are better asked on Discord, Telegram, or Reddit. The governance forum is for governance discussions.

But to answer: the price is determined by the demand in the DEX. If people are swapping assets (ONE, LINK, BUSD, etc.) for VIPER, the VIPER price will go up. If people are swapping their VIPER for those other assets, VIPER price goes down. It’s that simple. It works like other markets, even if it’s not a CEX that allows you to buy with USD or other fiat.

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thanks thats what i thought.