When is the release date for Cobra Swap

Please can you give us some in-site one when this project could be coming out?


I would guess a while after the 13th.

I suspect we will get analytics / graphs on the 13th with the harmony one upgrade.

After that he can relax and think about cobra I would assume.

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have the timelocks already been fixed?

Is admin on this page? If so can they give us a update on the cobra project? When will it be out?

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will Cobra still release on 2021 Q1? or moved to Q2?

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I looks like it will be next year but no one will give dates

panther increase 2,27 to 4,88 in one day…pool cobra now and surf the wave…LTV monster!


Mark, what are your thoughts on PantherSwap btw? Their high fees discouraging you from leaving seemed very reminiscent of SafeMoon for me, with a DEX to distract the users. I may be wrong though, curious to hear from someone who’s already using it and successfully withdrew their liquidity.

I thought it was only successful for using BNB and I hope Cobra soon! I am not in another project, just in the one / viper pool currently.